Training Status and Assigning Training

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 13:11

This report shows a breakdown of a staff member’s training status both by Stage/Program and then for each of the modules contained within.

This gives both the staff member and managers a clear progress report and clear actions on what needs to happen next.

The options button provides direct links to the staff member to book courses, complete exams and see further details. For managers, this also offers a method to override the current status or complete management actions to help the staff member.

The page also gives an easy option to the manager to assign the staff member to new training stages/programs.

Training Stage Passed Report

This report shows the last passed date of each employee who has passed a training stage/certificate. You can filter the report by home outlet and then export the details to Excel. Access this report under the Training > Staff Member Status > Training Stage Report.

Assigning Training Stages

Be default staff do not have access to any of the training stages.

There are three ways in which staff are assigned to training courses.

  • It is a requirement on a skill/role they are assigned to (see Roles).
  • They have completed a training stage and have been granted automatic access to the next stage (you can configure this on each stage)
  • You manually assign them

To manually assign staff or see the general status of each staff member, use the Staff Stage Signoff page under the Training menu.

The page shows each employee followed by all of the training stages in your StaffSavvy. The legend in the top left shows the status of each employee for each stage. You can filter the list of staff by names or venues using the filters in the top right.

You can also choose which training stages to see in the list. Use the option in the Action menu to change which stages you are managing.

Clicking on the red cross will change the icon to the yellow star which indicates that the staff member has access to that stage.

Clicking on it again will mark the stage as complete and allow you to set the pass date and upload a certificate by clicking on the edit pencil icon. The pass date will be used for stages that expire after X months to warn you and the employee that the training is expiring.

Clicking on the green tick will return the status to the red cross (no access).

All changes are instant on this page but no emails will be dispatched so you can update this as needed.

Granting Training Access in Bulk

You can use the bulk feature under the Actions menu to approve multiple staff in one go. This popup allows you to grant access to a training stage in bulk to multiple staff members.

The three filters; Level, Venue and Role must all be matched for a staff member to be given access. As you select your filter options, confirmation of how many staff will be included in this filter will be shown at the bottom of the popup.