Training Courses

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 13:00

A course is a physical training session with a start time, end time and location. Courses are created as part of a physical module and can be a single date or a “string” of dates that make up a full course.

Options on a course:

  • Start
    The start date and time for this course.
  • End
    The expected end time for this course.
  • Part of a string?
    This setting allows a course to be multi-part. E.g. a course has several actual dates that all need to be attended. When signing up to a course in a string, the staff member is signed up to all parts as one session.
  • Location
    The location of the course. The location provides information to the staff on where the course is taking place and how to get there. See training locations.
  • Allow accommodation requests
    This option allows staff to request overnight accommodation before or after the training session. This will be shown on a report to allow the accommodation to be booked.
  • Number of Places
    This is how many staff can sign up to this course.
  • Training Coordinator
    This is the person responsible for the training course. They will be asked to report on the attendees and confirm who attended and who passed/failed the course.
  • Course Extra Info
    This is specific information for this one course. It might be additional details or comments just for this one date.
  • Lock Signup
    This date is when sign up to the course is locked. After this date no further staff members can join the course and any accommodation requests are locked too. It’s designed to allow you enough time to book details, cancel under-filled courses and generally be prepared for the course.
  • Cost
    This is an optional value that is used to report on training costs per venue over a time period. It can be used for internal billing if training is shared. Accommodation costs care also included.
  • Feedback Form
    This feature requests feedback after a course takes place. It can contain any number of questions and the results can be named or anonymous.

Managing Courses

This page shows you all of the courses for a particular module and shows them in three groups; upcoming, locked and past courses.

You can click on the people icon to see all course attendees.