Training Modules

Last updated by Skye Galloway on July 20, 2022 15:38

Modules are sections that make up a stage. Each stage must have at least one module.

Modules can be optional or compulsory within the stage.

Online or Physical?

Online modules are simply a location to store information and an online exam. You can also link to a third party training tool for the teaching (and/or examination).

Physical Modules can have courses attached. Each course is a physical date and time for training to be given in person. Several modules can be combined so there is a physical training course and then an online module which includes the exam.

Available Places

For physical modules, the modules page will display information on how many places you have available on upcoming courses for that module. It will also show you a popularity gauge that shows how full the courses for each module are.

The popularity gauge will be red when there are no places available either because there are no courses or because all courses are full.

Module Options

Modules have the following options:

  • Title - This is what the module will be called and shown to all staff.
  • Stage - This is which stage the module belongs to. This allows you to move modules between stages easily.
  • Required - A module can be compulsory or optional within a stage. If optional, you can set how many optional modules need to be completed within a stage for the stage to be complete. As you’d expect, all compulsory modules must be completed.
  • Training Type
    • Online only - This means no course dates will be added. The site will simply present the module information to the staff member and then they will be directed to take the associated Exam. If no exam is assigned then the module will await a manager's decision on the module. This can be provided via the staff member's training status report on their profile.
    • Physical Courses - This allows you to add course dates to the module for staff to sign up to. You can still assign an online exam if required. Either passing the exam or being marked as passed by the course leader will pass the module. If you wish them to both attend the course and pass an exam then we recommend adding the exam as a separate module to the course module.
  • Prevent Shifts - Choose if this module can be conducted while already scheduled on a shift or if they cannot overlap with any scheduled work time.
  • Current File / Upload - This allows you to upload the course material to the module. It will be shown to the staff above the instruction to take the exam so you can inform them to read the document within the module information.
  • Slide Set - This allows you to set if you want to include relevant training documents for staff to work through before taking an exam.
  • Online Exam - Sets if the exam will contain an online exam or not and which exam should be taken. Exams are set up independently from training modules as they can be used in several ways.
  • Section Information - This is displayed for all staff to read before booking a course or taking an exam. This section can contain any information you want to share.
  • Section Requirements - This can be used to state any prerequisites that are needed before this course. You might also include anything that will be expected of the staff members to pass the course. This section can contain any information you want to share.