Training Slides

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 13:08

Training slides are a simple feature that allows you to present information to a staff member before completing an exam on a training module. Each set of slides are made up of multiple pages of information that can contain any mix of text and images.

The layout options for the slides are currently limited. This is to ensure we provide the best flexibility to the staff members and ensure the information is clear and readable on all devices and screen sizes.

Manage Slide Sets

The main management area is under Training > Manage Slide Sets.

This will load with a list of your current slide sets and their status. Just like exams and recruitment application forms, the slides are version controlled. This allows you to create new drafts and publish them when ready.

You can add a new slide set from the Actions menu.

You must edit slides in a draft so if you want to edit a published slide set, simply Create a New Draft first. This will open it up for editing.

You also have access to delete and copy the slide sets from the More drop down.

To help manage the slide sets, you can group them by Categories. Simply use the set category option under the More drop down to assign the category. You can then filter by category using the Category options at the top of the list.

Create/Edit Slides

This page is the main control panel for all of your slides within your slide set. You have a list of your slides on the left with the current slide shown on the right.

Slide List

To add a slide, use the grey Add button in the slide list. To change the order of the slides, simply click and drag. Note that the titles of the slides will change to reflect it’s position in the list (e.g. Slide 3 will become Slide 1 when you drag it to the top).

Click on a slide to start editing it and the slide you are currently editing is highlighted in green.

Editing a Slide

The right side of the page is dedicated to editing of the selected slide. You have a title for the slide shown at the top along with a layout drop down. In the top right, you also have access to Delete and Copy the slide.

Each slide can have several layouts. Full with or multiple columns of different sizes. This allows you to split your slide’s content out and make it easier to follow while still making the pages easily readable on small devices list mobile phones.

Note: on small devices, the multiple columns will be stacked on top of each other. So the left side will be shown first and then the right side. This is the only way to ensure the content is readable by the staff members. Due to this, it’s best to avoid saying “in the images on the right” or “on the right side is…” as the images will either be on the right on below depending on the size of screen the staff member is using.

Changing the layout or the content on the slide is instantly saved.

You can add as many images as required to the slides; simply use the image upload button in the toolbar. Once added, you can click on the image to Edit it. This allows you to add titles or to align the image left or right of the page. With this option the image can be shown on the right with text wrapping around the left side (for example).

You can preview the slides at any time from the Actions menu or from the list of slides sets. Don’t forget to publish your slides once you are happy with them.

Assign to Training Module

Under each training module, you can now assign a slide set. This will automatically be displayed to staff to view when they are looking at the module details.

In addition, if there is an exam attached, the system will direct the staff member through the training slides and then automatically onto the exam for them to complete.