Training Stages

Last updated by Andrew Treadwell on July 23, 2020 12:59

These are the top level of a collection of training courses and exams. You can assign exactly who has access to which stage. Once assigned to a stage, staff members have access to all of the modules and courses within it.

Stages can be self managing; they will automatically pass the staff member once the required modules are completed. They can then grant access to another stage so the staff member can continue their training program.

Settings & options:

  • Expiry
    Then set, the stage will automatically expire any completed stage this amount of time after it was passed. The site will provide warnings to the employee directly and to managers via the Expiring Training report.
  • Managed By StaffSavvy
    This allows you to record training programs that are managed externally within StaffSavvy.
    When enabled, this removes all modules and will simply direct the staff member to the program details page. You can provide an external training URL for them to visit too.
  • Automatic Pass
    When enabled, the stage will automatically mark a staff member complete when they have passed all required modules and the stated number of optional modules. Without this set, managers must manually confirm the stage is complete (and optionally upload a copy of their certificate).
  • Optional Module Requirements
    This sets how many of the optional modules must be completed in order to pass the stage.
  • Next Stage
    When selected, the system will automatically grant a staff member access to the next stage when this one is marked as complete. In combination with exams and automatic passing of stages, this allows for a completely self-managed training program.
  • Printable Certificate
    This allows you to either create a certificate or upload a copy of a physically issued one. Note: The create a certificate option is undergoing refurbishment and will be updated in a future version. The current version may have issues on certain browsers.
  • Staff Member Certificate Upload
    When enabled, the staff member can upload their certificate to prove they have completed the training. This will automatically be displayed on manager’s dashboards if they have permission to approve documents in general.
    Managers can then approve or reject the certificate and enter the date the staff member passed the training program.
    These certificates are then also stored on StaffSavvy and are available under their profile page.


These are documents that are relevant to the stage. They can be marked as required or optional reading.

Required reading documents are shown to course leaders along with which of the course attendees has opened/downloaded them.

This is a good location to upload training workbooks for online exams.